In my opinion, creator Don Mancini has managed to craft the Child’s Play franchise into one of the best in horror history, and I think many reading this would agree. Even the recent entry Cult of Chucky was a ton of fun.

Mancini isn’t done with Chucky yet, and is preparing to bring a Child’s Play TV series to Syfy pretty soon. Unfortunately, due to the tangled web that is Hollywood rights, Mancini doesn’t have 100% control over the franchise.

Chucky in Child's Play 2

This has led Orion Pictures to craft a remake, set to slash into theaters on June 21st. The new movie significantly changes Chucky’s origins, alters his classic look, and has been made explicitly without the approval of Mancini.

Naturally, Mancini’s frequent collaborator Brad Dourif has declined to voice Chucky in the remake, and despite it releasing in only a few months, Orion has yet to announce a replacement voice actor to inhabit the iconic role.

However, a new report over on Dread Central suggests that the studio is looking to cast an A-List star as their new Chucky, and during current test screenings of the film, Chucky is temporarily voiced by a crew member.

It’s not known what A-Listers MGM is looking at for the role, but it’s hard to imagine any diehard fans will be happy with anyone but Dourif playing Chucky. For the casual viewer though, it may well help sell the remake.