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Long before Wes Craven reinvigorated the slasher sub-genre with Scream, he did much the same thing in 1984. Released amidst a wave of generic ‘killer in the woods’ slasher films, A Nightmare on Elm Street changed the game in a big way, giving rise to horror’s most iconic villain.

While there’s a good chance you’ve seen and likely even own Craven’s seminal slasher film, we thought you’d like to know that Freddy Krueger has just slashed his way onto Netflix. Yes, the original Nightmare on Elm Street has finally arrived on the service, ready to be streamed at your convenience.

Nightmare on Elm Street netflix

Freddy’s very first outing joins already available sequels A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. In the first sequel, Freddy takes over the body of a young man, while New Nightmare sees Freddy bursting out of the movies and into the real world.

Starring Heather Langenkamp, Robert Englund, and Johnny Depp, the original Elm Street saw Freddy making first contact with Nancy Thompson, slicing and dicing her friends years after being burned alive by their parents. Freddy was genuinely scary in his inaugural killing spree, as opposed to the comedic monster he soon became.

So why not pop some popcorn and relive the original Nightmare on Elm Street this week? The classics are worth revisiting time and time again, and movies simply don’t get much more classic than Wes Craven’s introduction to the burnt-faced demon of our nightmares.

And if you’re hungry for more, don’t forget that Freddy’s Revenge and New Nightmare are also available for streaming!