It’s becoming increasingly popular for horror icons to give the fans a little something extra on the convention scene, by appearing and signing autographs in costume as their most well-known characters. Last year, Robert Englund played Freddy one final time, and next month Kane Hodder once again dons the hockey mask.

Following in the footsteps of Englund and Hodder, it’s just been announced that Texas Chain Saw Massacre star Gunnar Hansen will be appearing at March’s Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC, wearing the iconic mask and apron of legendary slasher Leatherface.

It was of course Hansen who brought Leatherface to the screen for the very first time, and if you’re asking me, there’s nobody who did it better than he did. Just as Englund is Freddy and Hodder is Jason, Hansen quite frankly is THE Leatherface, no matter how many actors come along and take over the reigns.

This will be the first time in over 40 years that Hansen has played Leatherface, making this year’s Mad Monster Party a must attend for hardcore Chain Saw fans. There are a limited number of pre-sale tickets up for grabs online, and then it will be first come-first serve at the show. So if this is something you definitely plan on getting, the con suggests you get it NOW.

Mad Monster Party takes over Charlotte March 27th through the 29th, with this special photo-op taking place on the 28th. Head over to the official website to learn more and purchase your tickets!

Gunnar Hansen