Original ‘Halloween’ Mask Is a Little Creepier Now

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I never really thought about where the Michael Myers mask went after the original movie, until now.

The guys over at mask retailer michael-myers.net love the Halloween franchise and we mean love it. Not that we don’t, but it’s nice to see fans so dedicated to the Carpenter classic and its sequels that they devote a whole website to it.

Recently it came to our attention that the site contacted the current owner of the mask worn in the original Halloween (1978) and Halloween II (1981). Even though it has deteriorated in some places due to age, the mask has held up over its nearly 40-year lifespan. Today, it looks like Leatherface skinned Captain Kirk’s face and added it to his own collection.

“Halloween II” (1981)

Mark Roberts is the owner of the iconic movie prop and says he’s been running haunts for the last 26 years. During that time he got in contact with Dick Warlock who played the killer in Halloween II and invited him to one of his events.

Dick’s agent told Mark the stuntman would be there in the original mask and costume from the movie.

Michael Myers original "Halloween" mask today.

Original Michael Myers mask today. michael-myers.net–Mark Roberts

“When Dick came to the haunt,” said Mark in the interview. “He was mad at his agent because he said he does not wear the costume for appearances. He did tell me that he still had the costume, boots, mask, butcher knife and scalpel and that he would sell it; he just didn’t bring them out for appearances.”

Mark eventually bought the costume and accessories noting that Dick had kept them in pristine condition, he said when he went to pick them up, “he had kept the mask stored in a Elvis Presley tin container.”

Denying rumors that he’s had the mask, “rehaired and restored” Mark says those claims are laughable. “The mask is just the way it was when I purchased it from Dick. I pay to have it kept in an air tight container that is climate controlled and in the dark, It seems to be working well.”

He adds: “I consider it to be the holy grail of horror movie memorabilia and I am doing my best to preserve it.”

It has seen some wear and tear over the years, and Mark is not completely opposed to having it professionally restored by Tom Spina Designs, the go-to studio for movie memorabilia repairs.

“He does amazing work. I struggle with the question is it still the original mask or not if you restore it? I think I lean a little more to having him bring it back to its full glory.”

Don’t worry Mark, everyone wonders the same thing: “Why won’t he die?”

We love that this part of movie history is being kept so nicely preserved and that Carpenter and Curtis are back one last time for the reboot.

You can check out the full interview with more insights and pictures by clicking HERE.