Original ‘Final Destination’ Script to Be Novelized

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As any diehard movie fan knows, the script written by a film’s credited screenwriter often undergoes massive changes by the time the finished product hits theaters. One such example of this is Final Destination, a quasi-slasher film where mysterious premonitions cause someone to avert a fatal disaster, only to then be chased down by the angry spirit of death itself. The resulting franchise would go to encompass five films total, and make millions in cash for New Line and Warner Bros.

Final Destination plane crash

The thing is, screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick’s original take on Final Destination was quite different, and much darker than what audiences ultimately saw. In Reddick’s first draft, instead of being killed in complex, Rube Goldbergian ways, the survivors of the initial disaster are slowly driven mad and pushed into suicide by Death. Believe it or not, the idea was originally pitched as an episode of The X-Files, before Glen Morgan and James Wong decided to take it into the theatrical realm, heavily altering it along the way.

Reddick has now decided that his original Final Destination vision will remain dormant no longer, and has decided to turn the script into a novel. The book is currently being written, but a firm release date is not yet available. It’ll be interesting to find out what we could have gotten back in 2000, and see whether it might have been even better than the finished film.

Final Destination morgue