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Oren Peli, the director of the original “Paranormal Activity” said in a Facebook post that he was going through an old hard drive and found some raw footage (see below) of the actors Micah Sloat and Katie Featherson who play the suburban couple terrorized by a malevolent spirit.

The video is of the young leads in 2006 who were among the thousands who responded to a casting notice which simply said:

“An untitled horror film with a budget of $15,000.”

"Paranormal Activity" became a box office smash.

Of course that film would become a phenomenal hit spawning three sequels and a spin-off titled “The Marked Ones.”

The actors are completely improvising in the video according to Peli, responding to questions he asks about their “haunted house.”

“Paranormal Activity” resurrected the found-footage genre, updating the lost-in-the-woods filming techniques “The Blair Witch Project” used in 1999 to the modern technology of ever-recording home security cameras.

Peli’s film would go on to gross $193 million domestically and birth countless knock-offs in the video-on-demand market.

Directors have been trying to recapture the magic of “Paranormal Activity” ever since.

But it all started with these two actors who gave it their all at an audition without a script or any idea where the plot was going.