It was in 2003 that the first performance of Evil Dead: The Musical took place in Canada, the show eventually embarking on an off-broadway run and still to this day being regularly performed all across the world. But Ash won’t appear on stage in an Oregon high school, as the musical’s content has been deemed too inappropriate.

As reported by Blogtown, an Oregon high school student was originally told she could produce the musical for her senior project, and after purchasing the rights and holding countless hours of rehearsals, the school suddenly got cold feet, and pulled the plug.

On January 7, after nearly 6 weeks and over 110 hours of rehearsal, just 15 days before they planned to open, [the students] were told they would not be allowed to perform the show at school as it was not ‘school-appropriate,” said Will Fries, the owner of Oregon’s Funhouse Lounge.

In the wake of the high school cancelling the production, which had dates already scheduled, Fries and the owner of Post5 Theater both came to the teenager’s rescue, offering up their venues for her performance of Evil Dead: The Musical. The fully uncensored show comes to Funhouse on January 29th, 30th and 31st, and takes over Post5 on February 3rd and 4th.

In light of recent national & international censorship stories the community views this as a simple way they can help stand up for everyone’s freedom of speech on a local level while encouraging go-getter millennials & educating them on the opportunities in professional theater,” Fries wrote in a press release sent out on behalf of the Funhouse Lounge.

If you’re in the Oregon area, you can head over to Ticketfly to purchase tickets to the Funhouse performances and Yapsody for tickets to the Post5 performances.

Viva la freedom of speech!

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