Oozing ‘Body Melt’ Got a 2K Upgrade

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While perusing the online film line-up of this year’s Fantasia Film Festival currently running in Montreal until August 2, we came across their screening of the classic Body Melt which is celebrating a 25th Anniversary (Pssst, you can watch it on Amazon Prime for free right now).

What made the festival screening so special is that fans got to see Vinegar Syndrome’s new 2K restoration from the original negative.

In the vein of Peter Jackson’s Braindead and Dead Alive, Australia’s Philip Brophy created this oozing masterpiece which gives new meaning to the term dysmorphia (emphasis on the “morph”) with purulent lesions, oozing pustules and downpours of liquifying flesh.

This bizarre tale involves a town being given experimental health supplements, also a shanty of redneck kin who run a restaurant; also a woman who may be a hallucination that goes around collecting men’s ribs.  Mix in a crazy doctor, his psycho female assistant, and some baby-momma trauma and you’ve got one sickening damp and gooey movie.

If you didn’t get a chance to see this practical effects masterpiece at Fantasia Film Festival, again, don’t worry it’s streaming in HD for free right now on Amazon Prime.

You can watch the NSFW (nudity) trailer below:

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