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One of the Absolute Best Jason Voorhees Appearance Moments

by Trey Hilburn III

Most of you probably don’t remember The Arsenio Hall Show. It was a late night talk show that ran from 89′ to 94′. The show was pretty dang great and would occasionally feature strange blocks of content like the genius Voorhees content you see below.

In this bit, actor Kane Hodder came out dressed up in full Jason garb to plug Jason Takes Manhattan on The Arsenio Hall Show. Now, Hodder is notorious for never breaks character as Jason and is the massive behemoth that we are used to seeing in part of the Friday the 13th franchise. The result is the hulking Jason staring at the late night host, not saying a word. It’s all magical.

Hodder and Arsenio really go for it here, and you can see the awkward energy that the two emanated into the crowd, who are also not sure what to do. The awkward laughter, the intense Voorhees and Arsenio being classic Arsenio is TV gold.

I remember seeing this at young enough of an age that the result was that I thought Jason was a real dude. I thought maybe Jason is just casually walking around and getting in some killing on the side. Whatever strange ideas it put in my head about the limits of Voorhees’ reality, you can’t say that the appearance wasn’t one of Arsenio’s most memorable moments.

What do you guys think about the clip? Do you have any favorite Voorhees moments? Let us know in the comments section.

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