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On VOD: ‘Ejecta’ gives a fresh take on extraterrestrials

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For those of you who are looking for a sci-fi horror fix. Check out “Ejecta” which was just released on VOD.

The story follows William Cassidy (Julian Richings) and film documentarian Joe Sullivan (Mark Gibson) as they try to sort what is happening to them following an alien crash landing.

“Ejecta” comes from writer Tony Burgess who you might remember from cult classic “Pontypool” and the grotesquely enjoyable “Septic Man.”

Burgess places some cool ideas into place and sets up for a unique take on how an alien invasion could occur. There are several moments in the film that will make you think and probably some to keep you indoors for the night if you live in the country.

Extraterrestrial enthusiasts will definitely want to check this one out for the ideas that the film dances with. Those familiar with the urban legend of black-eyed children definitely will see similarities in certain moments of “Ejecta.”

The film takes an interesting format by splittin itself into some found footage elements as well as traditionally filmed ones.

If it’s one thing I can say about Burgess, it’s that he has a unique way of making things we have seen before feel fresh again. He does the same thing that he did for “zombies” in “Pontypool” to the aliens in “Ejecta.”

While it is missing some chunks of character development and feels like it goes on just a few minutes too long. It still manages to hold its own and bring something new to the genre.

“Ejecta” is now on all the sweet spots you get your VOD including iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Live, Etc.


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