Old Navy Celebrates Halloween With Horror Movie T-Shirt Collection!

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Dawn of the Dead

I remember a time – and it wasn’t even that long ago – where it was almost impossible to find t-shirts with horror movie art on them. There was one ‘goth’ shop in my area that had a few random ones and I gobbled them up like they were actually in style, rotating between the four of them throughout the latter years of my high school experience.

The times have certainly changed, and thanks to companies like Fright Rags and Rotten Cotton, there are now so many horror shirts at our disposal that it’s quite frankly impossible to not take it for granted. Whereas my closet used to have one or two horror shirts in it, they now fill out 95% of the space, and I’ve found myself unable to even keep up with – a.k.a afford – all the new ones hitting the net every single week.


So commonplace have horror shirts become that Old Navy just launched a collection of their own, with the line serving as their way to help customers celebrate Halloween in style. Classics like Friday the 13th and Dawn of the Dead comprise their unexpected t-shirt line, and though the shirts are admittedly nowhere near as cool as others you can find online, it’s nevertheless pretty awesome to see such a huge company embracing horror.

Friday the 13th

Head over to Old Navy to browse the Halloween collection, and be sure to use the coupon code SAVEMORE to slash up to 30% off the listed prices (full details on the site)!

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