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Oh My God ‘Becky’: A Conversation with Lulu Wilson

by Timothy Rawles
Lulu Wilson is "Becky."

Unless you’ve been bludgeoned by a rock and didn’t know, Lulu Wilson’s latest movie Becky has been one of the highest-grossing movies in the past few weeks. That’s no small feat considering the country is on lock-down.

Lulu Wilson, 14, stars as the girl in the title who gives a group of violent, escaped Nazi-loving prisoners a run for their money after they invade her family’s vacation home. The film is a bit different than the horror movies she usually does. She’s not fighting demons anymore at least not the invisible kind.

We recently talked to the young star about horror movies, what got her started, and pulling out Kevin James’ eye.

iHorror: What got you into doing horror movies? 

Lulu Wilson: In the beginning, I kinda-sorta fell into it. There’s always that sort of blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl in horror movies. Especially the supernatural ones. The first movie I did was Deliver Us From Evil with Scott Derrickson. Working with him also made me love the genre because he helped me a lot. I was probably like six at the time. I didn’t know how to act and walk at the same time. He taught me how to do that which is really great. I can’t imagine not being able to do that now especially with Becky. I mean this is like murder and act, it’s like the extreme.

Also, my sister and my dad would go see a horror movie every Friday night because in New York we lived across the street from a movie theater, literally across the street. So they would see a horror movie every Friday and they kinda got me into watching horror movies. Originally I just fell into doing them and then I just loved them so much, of course, I wanted to keep doing it.

People: Lulu Wilson Photo by Matt Sayles

People: Lulu Wilson
Photo by Matt Sayles

iHorror: How hard was it to do physical horror like in Becky rather than the supernatural kind in your past movies?

Lulu: It was different. I thought that I would have to prepare extensively, react to these horrifying situations that Becky is being put through. It’s a more realistic type of thriller I think. It was refreshing going from this scared little girl running away from danger to taking it on and fighting it. I wanted to do that.

I didn’t know when it was going to happen. Even when I was young doing horror movies and I had to run away was aggravating for me because I wanted to fight the danger. I wanted to fight the demon!

With Becky I was getting to do the action. To some degree, I thought it was going to be embarrassing pretending to punch someone; pretending to kill someone. I was like this is gonna be weird. Everyone’s going to look at me funny; I’m going to do something wrong…

At first I got excited, then when I was put into the situation I was just like, you know what? All I can do right now is throw myself completely into this. I just have to do it!

iHorror: What was the most difficult scene to do in “Becky”? [Spoilers ahead]

Lulu: My first day of filming was watching my dad die and hitting Kevin [James] in the eye with a key. Not as much the key part because that was just fun [laughs]. At first I felt a little bad. I like Kevin as a person, he’s a great guy. I didn’t really want to stab his eye out, but I did and it was really fun.

I’m a fan of winging it and I’m a terrible procrastinator and I was planning on planning out how to react to my dad being killed in front of me, but I didn’t because that’s me. And that was really nerve-wracking. On set, I got there and it was my first day and I was like, ‘How am I going to do this? Is it going to be embarrassing? Is it going to be weird because in the script it’s a really, really close-up shot of me screaming.

I was like: How is that going to work? How is that going to do anything? I didn’t know it was going to be, sort of, a silent scream with music going on in the background. Which I find beautiful and amazing.

I’m bragging a little bit, but I have a very good scream. You know screaming at a demon and reacting to somebody being killed in front of you is very different.

iHorror: In the film, you scream not once but twice. Once in the beginning and then again at the end. 

Lulu: I call it the battle cry. I remember Jon [Milott]…Jon or Cary [Murnion], I think it was Jon came up to me after I did the first take of the battle cry that night which was also relatively early in the filming process. He was like, ‘I didn’t know if you were going to be able to do that. I didn’t know if it was going to sound weird: a battle cry at this moment.’ But that was so fun. It made me feel so powerful.

I highly suggest battle crying whenever it’s available to you.

Parker Mack and Lulu Wilson in Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Parker Mack and Lulu Wilson in Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

iHorror: What was it like working with Kevin? Both of you are sort of stepping out of your comfort zones.

Lulu: He was amazing. He is such a nice guy. We didn’t have many scenes together because the whole movie he’s chasing me, trying to find me; trying to get me. But when I did, it was really interesting working with him and seeing how he can go from just, great, great guy off-camera to being this deranged psycho on-camera. And how our relationship shifted from being friends off-camera to being enemies on-camera.

iHorror: Was he scary? Did he scare you when you did work with him?

Lulu Wilson in Annabelle: Creation (2017)

Lulu Wilson in Annabelle: Creation (2017)

Lulu: I’m not that easy to scare [laughs], I mean not really. And he such a nice guy—such a nice guy. Even that first day of filming I was like I don’t want to hit you in the eye Becky does so I’m gonna have to do this.

iHorror: I think our time is about up. Thank you for talking to us and we’ll be following you whatever you do. 

Lulu: It was great talking to you, thank you. Stay safe.

Becky is now playing nationwide at select drive-ins and is available On Demand on most streaming services.


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