Oh “BOOOOOOYYYY”! : Phantasm Sphere: The Complete Collection

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One of my all-time favorite horror badass’s has to be “Phantasm’s” The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm). Just so happens he is coming back in “Phantasm: Ravager” later this year… or early next year. But in the meantime feast thy eyes upon this “Phantasm” collector’s gem!

“The Phantasm Sphere: The Complete Collection” is available now over at Amazon.com. This hunk of otherworldly goodness comes with a total of 8 discs. It consists of the four installments and tons of special features. The coup de grace of course, is the collectible case that the discs are held in, which is none other than a huge Phantasm Sphere.

The downside of this collection for those who don’t have region free DVD players is that this one is region 2 locked. The other downside may also be the price for some. It is a whopping $279 brand new. For that price it better also be a functioning sphere that will thwart and dismantle any intruders that try to trespass in your mausoleum.

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the “Phantasm: Ravager” teaser below.


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