It’s Official: New ‘Friday the 13th’ Film Won’t Be Found Footage

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About a month ago, Jason fans were massively bummed out by the news that the latest installment in the Friday the 13th franchise had been delayed from November 2015 to May 2016. While that sad fact hasn’t changed, horror aficionados can now at least take solace in the knowledge that F13 producer Brad Fuller has officially killed the long-standing rumors that Jason’s next film would take him into the dreaded found-footage realm.

Fuller made this clear during a recent interview with Esquire, along with clarifying that not even he currently knows where Jason’s story is headed in this latest Friday the 13th project. Negotiations between Fuller’s company Platinum Dunes and a team of 2-3 screenwriters are currently ongoing, with final contracts hopefully being signed in the next two weeks.

Friday the 13th - Jason 2003

Fuller further clarified that multiple drafts of a potential Friday the 13th sequel have hit his desk since the blockbuster success of 2009’s remake, but none were considered good enough to pursue. Not even the team of Damian Shannon and Mark Swift – the writers of F13 2009 – were able to knock out a draft that producers were willing to go with. As a result, Fuller is currently unsure as to whether this new Friday the 13th film will have any direct ties to the previous movie, outside of the Jason character and Crystal Lake setting.

As for potential story directions, Fuller hinted that the thirteenth F13 film might more fully explore just how supernatural of a killer Jason really is. After all, even in the films before he was a literal zombie, Jason always demonstrated the ability to survive attacks that would obliterate a normal human being. Of course, with the actual plot still up in the air, there is no guarantee we’ll end up seeing the above idea play out on-screen next year.

The still untitled Friday the 13th 2016 is scheduled to commence shooting this summer, with The Signal director David Bruckner at the helm.