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October Movie Marathon: Slasher Week

by Mike Joyce
October Movie Marathon

And we’re back! If you’re just joining us, the iHorror staff has compiled 31 horror films for you to watch this month while celebrating spooky season. This year we assigned a theme for each week of the movie marathon. To get caught up, check out last week where we recommended ghost and haunted house movies to start watching.

iHorror’s October Movie Marathon

This week, the iHorror staff has a treasure trove of slashers and gialli for all your stalking and stabbing needs! This includes a mix of early proto-slashers as well as more modern meta slashers.

We’ve also included links to JustWatch (where applicable), so you can find out where to stream these films for your movie marathon.

Scene from The Mutilator

OK Productions

7. The Mutilator

Well-stacked with comedy, kills that thrill and a plot that makes you say “sure, why not,” “The Mutilator” (aka “Fall Break”) is a supremely entertaining slasher. It’s also blessed with a cheesy yet infectiously catchy theme song that — be warned — will be stuck in your head for days. (Seriously. It’s a problem.) -Kelly McNeely

Stream it here

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