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October Movie Marathon: Haunted House Week

by Mike Joyce
October Movie Marathon
Scene from The Keep

Paramount Pictures

6. The Keep

The second feature from Michael Mann following the crime thriller “Thief” and an adaptation of the horror novel of the same name from F. Paul Wilson, following a platoon of German soldiers who set up camp at a derelict Transylvanian castle, accidentally unleashing an ancient and powerful evil worse than any mere ghost. The film is a bit of a hodgepodge due to the troubled post-production, but the style of Mann’s directing and cinematography combined with the haunting score from Tangerine Dream combined with the eerie aesthetic of the castle make for an unforgettable and dream-like landscape. -Jacob Davison

Stream it here

This concludes the first week of our October movie marathon. Up next: Slasher Week!

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Featured image courtesy of Chris Fischer

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