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October Movie Marathon: Mixed Horror Movie Selections

by Mike Joyce

Welcome back to our ongoing October movie marathon! This week’s horror movie theme is Grab Bag Week. Anything goes here.

October Movie Marathon

Chris Fischer

October Movie Marathon: Grab Bag

Why Grab Bag Week? While we’ve already shared haunted house movies, slasher movies and 80s movies, this week is for films that may not fit neatly into those categories. Maybe they’re extras from other categories, or maybe they’re just weird. Think of it as reaching into your candy bag on Halloween night. Who knows what kind of treat you may find.

Scene from House on Haunted Hill, part of the October Movie Marathon

William Castle Productions

21. House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Vincent Price is in full sass mode in this darkly funny tale of murder and macabre. A fun one to watch with a group, especially with Price and Carol Ohmart’s chemistry as the couple that hates each other. Absolute classic. -Jonathan Correia

Stream it here

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