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October Movie Marathon: 80s Horror Week

by Mike Joyce
October Movie Marathon

Our month-long horror marathon continues! This week’s theme is 80s horror, so we’re blasting you back to the era of big hair, VHS tapes, arcade games, hair metal and awesome movies.

80s Horror Week

If you’re just joining our October horror movie marathon, you can catch up on Haunted House Week and Slasher Week.

Our staff recommendations for 80s horror movies include clownish aliens, a place where the land has gone sour, a spectacularly gory sequel and a cop who won’t stay dead! So many of us have a special fondness for 80s movies, but some of our recommendations are under the radar, so you may discover a new favorite!

Scene from the 80s horror movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Chiodo Bros.

14. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

“Killer Klowns” is such a creative, creepy and fun 80s movie, it belongs on any October watchlist. If you’ve missed this gem, now is the perfect time to catch this tale of alien clowns invading a small town. Come for the killer clowns, stay for Dean Wormer as a drunk angry cop. -Mike Joyce

Stream it here

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