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October Horror Block is Here!

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Curated by Nerd Block, Horror Block is a box of fun horror stuff that is delivered right to your door every month.  For the modest price of $19.99 plus shipping, you get a bevy of horror toys, movies, clothing, and other cool stuff.  I’ve been a subscriber since the very beginning, and this October’s box is easily the best one yet.


Getting the little stuff out of the way first, the October Horror Block includes a box of Cereal Killers trading cards.  These little collectables are the new Garbage Pail Kids, mixing retro cereal box art with zombies and killers.  Fun to look and laugh at, but this is just filler.  Luckily, it’s the only filler in the box.


The October Horror Block also contains a Build Your Own Zombie kit, a set of several different colors of dough that can be fashioned into zombies, played with, and then reused.  Or, if you’re the more permanent artistic type, the zombies can dry and become little figurines.  It’s cute, but the best is still to come.


Earlier Horror Blocks included a copy of Rue Morgue magazine, but the company has switched over to Fangoria for October.  Both are great magazines, but the Fango that is included with the Horror Block is the November issue, which has a Wes Craven cover story.  No one will miss Rue Morgue as long as Horror Block keeps including Fangoria.


One of the coolest items that come in Horror Blocks is an exclusive t-shirt, and the October box includes a Friday the 13th shirt.  If push came to shove, Friday the 13th would probably be my favorite slasher franchise, so I will wear this Jason-in-the-woods shirt proudly and with love.


The goods don’t stop there; the box keeps ‘em coming with a Puppet Master blu-ray.  This is the classic 1989 Full Moon feature that spawned one of the most loved franchises in horror history, restored and remastered in stunning hi-def.  Since we have all probably worn out our VHS copies, this is a pretty cool blu-ray to add to the collection.


And finally, the best (in my opinion) thing in the box; a ReAction Jason Voorhees action figure.  ReAction has been making modern figures in the mold of the vintage Kenner Star Wars guys, and they look great, right down to the packaging.  Some Horror Blocks got Sam from Trick ‘r Treat, I got Jason.  I’m fine with it; like I said, Friday the 13th is a favorite of mine, but you really can’t go wrong with either Jason or Sam.  Just the inclusion of a ReAction figure is pretty awesome.


Other subscription box services just toss some movie promo stuff in a carton and be done with it, but Horror Block does it right.  It cost a little more, but it’s easily worth every penny.  If you’ve been on the fence about subscribing, take a look at what Horror Block subscribers got this month; maybe the October Block’s contents will convince you.

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