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Frankenstein. The Wolf Man. Jaws. Larry the Cable Guy. You know these movie monsters – almost everyone does. For one reason or another, they’ve been able to stand the test of time, digging into our collective memories and terrorizing us to this day. But what about the rest? What about the underdogs? Surely, there have got to be more monsters with your time? Well, yes, yes there are! Here are 5 obscure Movie Monsters that are worth looking into. If you know al of them on this list, then you’re one of my people.

The Metaluna Mutant

This Island Earth isn’t necessarily a horror film, but it contains a monster regardless. I’m especially upset that I am able to put this guy on my list of obscure movie monsters because I think this alien lifeform is just so damn cool – it’s a shame that it’s faded from most people’s memory. Parading around the fact that the film was “2 and 1/2 years in the making!”, the special effects are what really carry the film. In glorious technicolor, no less!


I know what a lot of you are thinking. “Pumpkinhead? He’s not obscure at all! Everyone knows him.” But I challenge that notion. Yeah, he’s not exactly a hidden secret – at least, not in the horror community. On the outside of our tight-knit circle of freaks, however, many have forgotten this wonderfully campy demon of revenge. And that’s a damn shame. The world needs more Pumpkinhead, and I, for one, would not mind a remake. It’s overdue.


Isn’t this just the ugliest little jerk you’ve ever seen? Belial is the separated siamese twin of a mild-mannered man named Duane Bradley. Duane carries Belial around in a basket all day long, and when Duane starts getting cheeky with a lady, Belial becomes angry. Very angry. This 1982 film, directed by Frank Henenlotter is exceptionally bizarre – and just as funny. Oh, and sleazy. Can’t forget that. It’s 1980’s trash at its absolute finest.

Q – The Winged Serpent

is the best Ray Harryhausen film that Ray Harryhausen never made. It’s got excellent stop motion right in the middle of New York City and looks like the master of Clash of the Titans himself had done work on it. He did not, of course, but that’s one of the things that I enjoy so much about this film. It has so much B-movie charm that it actually hurts just thinking about it. Ow.

Humanoids from the Deep

Half man, half fish humanoid monsters rape and kill in this 1980 horror film. The beasts rise up from the depths to mate with human women to accelerate their evolution – something that’s already been sped up by the radioactive fish that they consume. These obscure movie monsters don’t even attempt to hide their trashiness, much like Belial in Basket Case. The film is more than a little misogynistic and inappropriate, which might have something to do with the film being lost to the ages. Roger Corman produced this little-known horror flick.