Obscure Movie Monsters Playing Cards For Real Horror Fans

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Kickstarter is a fun thing because everybody with a good idea can start creating. We’ve gotten cool things like Horror Coloring Books and now, Obscure Movie Monsters Playing Cards.

These playing cards are a fun project by illustrator Mark Monlux. Monlux is a horror fan and to show his love for the classic movie monsters he decided to illustrate a normal set of playing cards. He put a different obscure movie monster on each card, either from the 50s, the heyday of movie monsters, or more recent.

The artwork looks really cool and while there are many monsters that every horror fan will recognize, there are also many monsters that might be new even for veteran horror fans. In his list of movie monsters featured, there are well known movies like Dead Alive, Donnie Darko and Piranha. There are also lesser known films like Bubba Ho-TepThem! and the Trilogy of Terror. Lastly, there are also movies like The Hideous Sun Demon or Matango, that I’ve never heard of before.

They also come with a good looking card box, depicting some more of the pictures you’ll find in the card set.

The original goal of the project were $ 1,500, but they’ve already reached $ 4,757, meaning these cards are officially headed for production. So the next time you feel like you could use a new set of playing cards for your weekly get together, maybe impress your friends with some seriously scary playing cards.

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