The horror genre is pretty sprawling and has several different visions.  The majority taking place in literature and film.  Horror movies in particular have exploded in popularity and are extremely diverse.  And with this diversity, there are certain films that are obscure and not well-known.  So today lets take a look at 5 obscure horror films worthy of your time for one reason or another.

Basket Case

Basket Case was released in 1982 and may be part of the reason that this film isn’t the most well-known.  It follows a young man who at a young age had his deformed conjoined twin surgically separated. The twin survived the procedure and together with his brother, they seek revenge on the doctors who separated him.

Now as you would imagine this film gets its title under the factor that the non-deformed twin carries his double in a locked wicker basket.  It is through the psychic connection that they both share that the two brothers are able to communicate with each other.  Yeah, this movie is that special kind of stupid that makes it a must watch for any horror fan.

While the special effects are not exactly the best that can be chalked up to its age, and is rough around the edges; Basket Case remains a horror classic at its core, and should be a must watch for any fans of 80’s cheese and horror.


Now for a more modern film.  Feast was released in 2005 and is as campy as it is wonderful.  The film takes place in a secluded little dive bar out in the desert as it is assaulted by horrifying monsters. The film was distributed by Dimension Extreme and anyone familiar with that particular studio will know exactly what to expect.

The plot for Feast is simple at its core, but it’s the characters that truly make this film shine.  As each member of the cast is introduced, they receive a short bio just like a video game character would. This film knows that it’s a self-contained monster film and that’s all it aspires to be.  It never once tries to be something it’s not.

The movie is here to be a bloody good time, and there are excessive amounts of blood and gore in this flick.  Feast is a wonderful film and best watched in a group with friends. It even went on to forge a trilogy with a possible fourth film in the works to wrap up the story.  Maybe some day…


The 80’s were truly a wonderful time for horror.  That decade introduced so many horror gems to the world including this lovely little indie flick about revenge. Pumpkinhead follows a father who seeks revenge for  possibly the worst tragedy that could befall a parent.

Pumpkinhead is a relatively well-known film by the horror community, however not many people have seen the film itself.  The costume for Pumpkinhead was designed by Stan Winston and any horror fan worth their salts should perk up at the sheer mention of that man.  The costume design is a work to behold and is gladly shown off throughout the film.

Pumpkinhead is a fantastic film and has gathered a cult following since its initial release.  This film is well worth the time, and even spawned a few sequels though none hold up to the original.


This particular film is notorious for those who have heard of it.  For those who haven’t, it features an ancient Native American spirit who embodies a turkey and only has one mission- kill every person that crosses its path in whatever gruesome fashion it deems fit.  And of course the demon’s name is Turkie, that is all you need to know.

This film is marketed as the best-worst movie ever created and that simply depends on your own personal tastes.  For those masochistic like myself Thankskilling is an absolutely fantastic time.  The movie is absolutely off the wall ridiculous and tries to delve into the world of both horror and comedy.

This gem is best watched with friends in a group and may even want to throw in a few drinks just to add to the fun.  This film is simply amazing and totally worth the time it will take to watch it if you enjoy either horror comedies or low-budget horror flicks.

Dark Ride

Are there any fans of the 8 Films To Die For Film Festival out there?  If so, then you’ve probably at least heard of this film. Dark Ride was released in 2006 and selected as one of the films to be played at the festival and distributed under its name.

Dark Ride is another low-budget film however that comes with the territory when making a slasher film.  The movie follows a group of friends as they take a detour to visit a long since closed dark ride at an abandoned board walk.  However, what they don’t know is that there is a masked killer hiding out in the attraction.

The film feels like a slasher film that would have been released back in the 80’s when slasher cinema peaked in popularity, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It has a unique setting for the slayings to take place and is entertaining from start to finish.

Now a days, you can find almost any of the films from the 8 Films To Die For Festival for dirt cheap at any used DVD store and online.  This particular film has always been interesting and worth a watch if you enjoy slasher films.

Hopefully at least one of these films catch your fancy and sound like a good time.  Happy hunting and hopefully you’ll find a terribly obscure horror film that deserves more attention yourself.


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