‘The Nun’ is Now the Highest-Grossing Conjuring Movie Worldwide

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When director James Wan’s first Conjuring film hit theaters in 2013, it’s doubtful anyone expected it to launch one of the biggest franchises in horror. Still, that’s exactly what it did, with five total Conjuring universe films released to date, and more in development.

The latest entry into the Conjuring canon was this fall’s spinoff The Nun, a prequel focusing on the attempts of an experienced priest and a nun in training to stop the evil rampage of Valak, a demon who assumes the titular appearance to torment those possessing deep faith.

Upon its release, The Nun wasted no time in breaking a franchise record, opening to a new Conjuring high of $53.8 million domestically. Now, almost a month into its theatrical run, The Nun has broken another record, this time for highest-grossing film in the series worldwide.

The Nun

As reported by Deadline, The Nun now sits at a whopping $330 million worldwide, topping prior record holder The Conjuring 2’s $320.4 million haul. This is despite the film’s budget only being $22 million, much less than the $40 million that The Conjuring 2 cost to produce.

Interestingly though, The Nun’s franchise dominance doesn’t quite extend back home, where it sits at #2 on the list $109 million. Appropriately, still hanging on as the series’ domestic champion is the original Conjuring film, which earned $137.4 million stateside.

The Nun

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