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Now Streaming On YouTube: ‘Z-Boy – Tales Of A Teenage Zombie.’

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We here at iHorror strive to introduce our readers and viewers to new content, whether it be news, film, books, stuff to buy that will break the bank and even cartoons! If you grew up on the cartoons of the 90’s we have something in store for you today!

A fun new show has begun streaming on youtube, Z-Boy: Tales Of A Teenage Zombie! The idea of Z-Boy began over a decade ago when Zoë Abbett’s original comic made its debut at New England Comics. What is Z-Boy you ask? Well here is the plot summary in a nutshell. The story follows Drake, an average teenager. Unfortunately, Drake’s life is takin early in a crazy plumbing accident. Drake’s death papers are misplaced by his assigned reaper, Cornelius and the two of them are banished to none other than the world of the living. Not knowing where to go, Drake does what comes naturally, moves back in with Mom and his little sister. Drake struggles to live a normal life and of course blend in as if the freak accident never happened. Z-Boy’s antics and humor are a real call back to the 90s’ style cartoons. You won’t want to miss the deranged adventures of Drake and Cornelius.

To my surprise, it did not take long for me to fall in love with the uniqueness of this cartoon, it felt very fresh and needed. I immediately shared the episodes with my daughter, who is twelve. I briefly described the synopsis; she was more interested in watching the episodes than listening to her dad babble on and on. When the episodes concluded, she said out loud, “I want more!” and she continues to ask every few days about future installments.


Z-Boy – Tales Of A Teenage Zombie stars David Day, Jason Marnocha, Anastasia Bishop, Jennifer Antkowiak, and Simon Moody. Written & Directed By Zoë Abbett.

Tales Of A Teenage Zombie is also a weekly comic strip! Stay up to date with this crazy Teenager by checking out the Facebook Page weekly! Check out the first three comic strips below along with The Pilot & Episodes 1 & 2!





The Pilot & Episodes 1 & 2



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