Robert Englund as human Freddy Krueger in Freddy vs Jason

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Robert Englund may or may not be done playing the iconic role of Freddy Krueger, depending on which interview from him you’ve heard most recently. But one thing is for certain – he really wishes he could have done a prequel film for the character back in the day.

In an interview with ComicBook, he touched on this further. He said:

“There’s some great internet Youtube versions of a kind of prequel Freddy, or early Freddy, that I like that are really interesting. If I could go back in time, there was a script kicking around — it might have been called Krueger: The First Kills.”

But it just never ended up happening – New Line Cinema, who owns the rights to Elm Street, went through a transitory phase and the idea was put to the side. It was never picked back up again by the studio.

Englund regrets not being able to do the prequel when he was young enough. It wouldn’t make much sense now, as he is an older actor.

“But that, that I guess I could consider a regret. That would have been when it would have been fun to do, and I was still young enough to do it,” Englund said. “I had some ideas — I wanted to dye my hair red like I did in Freddy vs. Jason — things like that. I had some ideas I wanted to play with. That’s probably my only regret.”

About the origin film, he said:

“…you see Freddy in prison, you see him meeting with his lawyers, you see Freddy in the courtroom. You see the lawyers going back and forth with the prosecution and getting Freddy off, and getting away with, obviously, murder.”

Though it may be a controversial opinion, technology is moving in such a way that it theoretically could be possible for the actor to portray a young Krueger with de-aging CGI. Whether or not the horror community would want something like that is another story entirely.