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Not Even Norman Reedus Is Safe On The Walking Dead

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That’s right… one of the biggest fan favorites from the show is saying that not even he is safe from being killed off the hit series.

How is there a Walking Dead without a Daryl Dixon or Rick Grimes?  Norman Reedus recently chatted with Peter Travers on his show “Popcorn With Peter Travers”.

Daryl Dixon Dies On The Walking Dead

“No one is safe on the show. I mean NO ONE is safe on that show”

“Scott Gimple, our show runner, he’s become very good at throwing people off the scent. There are so many different groups that try to spoil our show. There’s cameras outside all the time, trying to put the clues together and so forth. So he’s become very good at throwing them off which is a good thing I think,” Reedus added.

However, not all the secrets of the season are known to the cast.  Reedus admitted the cast doesn’t find out who is leaving the show until the last minute.

walking dead norman reedus death

“We used to get a bunch of scripts in advance and then the show became more popular,” he said. “And now we know right at the last minute. We’re kind of always on call. But it’s actually kind of helped us, I think, from being on the inside because it’s a lot like life. You always feel like you have more time with people. And you never know when it’s gonna come. And when it does come it’s such a shocker.”

With the new season starting this Sunday we want to know from you who you think will be leaving the show this season.  We know someone (or possibly two people) will find their demise on the first episode, but will their be more this season.  Most likely!

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