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Looking for a movie to watch, but you don’t have Netflix or Amazon Prime? Well, there is a free, legal alternative out there; An app which is available on any android and Apple device, as well as PSN and Xbox, called Popcornflix and did I mention it’s totally free?

This isn’t paid advertisement or anything. I was browsing apps on my PS4 last night, saw this and wondered what it was and to my surprise, it has some pretty decent titles available, so I wanted to share it with you all, even though it’s been out for some time. Sure it may not the best or biggest library (especially when you compare it to other streaming services), but not bad for a service that doesn’t charge anything. And the quality of films aren’t half bad, although most are those DTV you see with the overly Photoshopped covers at a Wal-Mart. As of right now, some of their horror films include (but not limited to) The Collector, The Woman, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Bloodrayne, Bereavement, Blood Hook, Slithis, The House That Dripped Blood, Puppet Master and Deadly Blessing to name a few. Most of the titles may be cheesy flicks and some even seen on MST3K like Devilfish. Speaking of cheesy, there is a huge library of Troma films for you fans out there.

Yes, they have a separate category for Troma films.

You could say that one of the drawbacks to the app is there are advertisements throughout the movies, much like commercials. They usually only last thirty seconds total, but some may find that kind of annoying. But when it’s all free, they gotta make money somehow to keep it running, right?

Anyway, check it out.

Xbox's menu.
Xbox’s menu.