This is why it is important we keep fictional horror and real life separate!  

In Nagasaki, Japan a 16-year old girl admitted to authorities that she murdered her classmate by beating her with a hammer and then sawing off her head. The victim’s name was Aiwa Matsuo, 15 years old.

But the creepiest part of the whole thing is what the unnamed 16-year old said online on 2Channel:

Oh no, blood keeps pouring out even though I have wiped it away many times.

I’ve tried to warm (the body) as it got cold, but it doesn’t warm up. . . . Everyone, (do you want to know) what color the brain is?

Japanese law is not allowing the 16-year old’s name to be released. Apparently, the girl was living alone and  after the killing of  Matsuo, she uploaded pictures of herself covered in blood online.

Is this freaky or what?