After portraying the badass zombie killer Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead for so many years now, it’s admittedly hard to imagine Norman Reedus playing anyone else. In fact, he embodies the role so fully that it’s almost hard to even differentiate between the actor and the character, which is a true testament to Reedus’ acting chops – and, of course, his pure and utter badassery.

In 2015, Reedus will be venturing into another post-apocalyptic wasteland, though this time it’s the air he has to fear, rather than an attack from hungry walkers. And unfortunately for Reedus, the air is a whole lot harder to shoot with a crossbow!

In Air, produced by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Reedus plays Bauer, one of the two workers whose job is to maintain an underground bunker filled with sleep tanks set up to preserve the human race after the air outside has been rendered toxic – in the wake of a nuclear fallout.

Check out your very first look at Reedus in the upcoming low-budget film, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly!

Norman Reedus

Also starring Djimon Hounsou, Air is co-written by Christian Cantamessa and Chris Pasetto, with Cantamessa in the director’s chair. No release date has been set.