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Norman Reedus Gets Zombie Pranked In This Hilarious Video

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17-year-old Nick Santonastasso is nothing short of an inspiration.  Born in 1996, without legs and only one arm, Nick has not only embraced his disability but used it to entertain others.  Nick recently started a series of scare pranks on his Vine account, where he makes himself up to look like a zombie, and then terrifies unsuspecting customers at local grocery stores.  The results, of course, are hilarious, and you can see one of the pranks below!

A huge fan of The Walking Dead, the epic series of pranks led to other fans starting a petition to get him on the show, a dream of his that more or less came true the other day.  Producers of the show were so inspired by Nick’s story and so impressed with his pranks that they sent him out to Tokyo earlier this week, where the stars were promoting the upcoming return of the fourth season.

But they didn’t ship Nick all the way off to Tokyo just to hang out.  Oh no.  A mission was attached to the vacation.  A mission that many zombies will tell you is quite frankly an impossible one….

Scare Norman Reedus.

On The Walking Dead, it’s pretty damn hard to make the badass Daryl Dixon flinch, but Nick was tasked with doing just that.  With a little help from Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and the show’s makeup master/executive producer, Greg Nicotero, Nick was turned into a full-on walker and hidden underneath a table, in a room where Reedus was being interviewed.  Was the teenage fan able to make the hardened badass scream like a little girl?  Well, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out!

Don’t forget; The Walking Dead returns on February 9th, for the second half of the highly impressive fourth season!

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