Norman Bates Returns in New Novel Psycho: Sanitarium

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Robert Bloch’s tale of the ultimate mother’s boy, released in 1959, was turned into a classic horror film by Alfred Hitchcock, and Bloch followed up the novel with a sequel in 1982 – which wasn’t quite used as the template for the movie sequel. He wrote another book in 1990, and now Bates returns to the literary world.

Over 20 years after the death of Robert Bloch, Entertainment Weekly reports this week that writer Chet Williamson is picking up where Bloch left off with the official sequel book Psycho: Sanitarium. The novel is actually a prequel to Bloch’s Psycho 2, and is set for release on March 1st, 2016.

psycho shower scene

The first new Psycho book in two decades, Psycho: Sanitarium finds Norman Bates locked up in the sanitarium he escaped from at the start of Psycho 2, and reveals what happened during the 20 years he was confined to a cell. Williamson’s follow-up answers the question: What was Norman up to in the sanitarium?

If you head over to EW you can read an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming book, which sees Norman being tormented by his overbearing mother.

Psycho Sanitarium

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