No Sleep Podcast Holds Hollywood Halloween Live Show

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As Halloween has come and gone, the biggest dilemma with the holiday is a simple one: how to celebrate? Of course, there’s trick or treating, partying, and watching scary movies. This year, I was fortunate enough to experience a traditional Halloween hallmark with a twist. Scary stories. And in this case, scary stories read to a crowd by the horror storytelling group, The No Sleep Podcast. The group rooted in the Reddit scary story telling sub simply called ‘NoSleep’ and airing its first episode in 2011. Since then, the group has expanded and continued recording horror stories, even embarking on live tours such as this.

Their Halloween show in Los Angeles being the finale of their American tour, and what a note to end on! Featuring a cast including showrunner David Cummings and voice actors Jessica McEvoy, David Ault, and Nichole Goodnight with a live score performed by Brandon Boone. Four stories were performed live on stage. The first story ‘Dinner With The Gladstones’ concerns two couples meeting for a friendly dinner, only to have secrets against one another. ‘The Wandering Soul’ concerns the recurring location of Wynderm, Scotland where a Vietnam war photographer believes she’s haunted by more than the horrors of war. In ‘Bavisana’ a group of people in the 1980’s wake up to find themselves held in captivity by a strange and threatening scientist. Lastly, there was ‘Sleepless Halloween’ a story of podcasters looking for haunts instead find true evil. In this last story the cast was joined by guests Peter Joseph Lewis and Addison Peacock.

In a time where horror movies dominate and there are all sorts of mediums to experience the genre, there’s nothing quite like experiencing a good old fashioned scary story told on the stage. Each tale of terror was performed excellently and were astounding to see and hear in person and with a crowded audience. No Sleep Live was a marvelous way to get scared and bring a close onto the Halloween season.


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