Nispel’s “Friday the 13th” Jason Revealed

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Director Marcus Nispel’s remake of “Friday the 13th” was one of the top box office horror movies in 2009, but fans may or may not have liked his final product.

One of the things the film was missing was a reveal of the man behind the mask. In Nispel’s mind, Jason was not just a killing machine who went around hacking people up, he also had a back story and yes even some feelings.

Taking direction from the studio, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre director was not allowed to include the tortured countenance of his subject and therefore the scene was cut.

Marcus Nispel – Facebook

But recently he posted the images of what Jason looked like underneath his hockey disguise.

“With the ending I simply wanted to remind people during his death that he is not supernatural but a very damaged human being that was wronged,” Nispel told me. “I find that empathy with the villain is very important.

The image is striking and the details are exquisite. We can see a somewhat more realistic version of Jason that seemed more veridical than the sequels that came after 1981’s part 2.

Marcus Nispel – Facebook

Nispel is a visual person, and for anyone who has seen his movies or commercials knows that his eye for detail and composition are just as much characters in his films as his flesh and bone cast.

Hopefully one day we will be able to see a director’s cut of this film instead of its scant “Killer Cut” that slightly varies from the theatrical version.

Nispel recently posted another video that was cut from his film: an extended scene when Jason first discovers, then puts on, his iconic mask after beheading a terrified stoner.

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