Nippon Ichi

New teaser trailers have dropped for the upcoming Nippon Ichi horror game, which surprisingly still doesn’t have a title.  Nippon Ichi’s YouTube channel released these three incredibly small teasers that are creeping out viewers, video game enthusiasts and horror fans alike, big time.

Nippon Ichi is no stranger to video games set in the horror world.  Previously he released Yomawari: Night Alone in 2015 and Disgaea in 2003.

The recently released game Night Alone is a horror survival game developed for the PlayStation Vita and Valve’s PC service Steam.  The object of the game is for a recently and critically wounded younger sister to find her older sister and lost dog Poro.  Along her journey she has to put clues together to find her missing family as well as evade monsters that have recently taken over her town.

The set of three micro teasers are only about five seconds each, but don’t let their short airtime discredit their impact on viewers.  Each takes place in the same little girl’s bedroom.  A bedroom you would find in any suburban neighborhood, in any city, in any town.  Inside her room are books, a small twin bed, a school uniform, and of course a doll.  …Of course there has to be a doll! You can watch the teasers here!

In each trailer there are small, almost unnoticeable elements that aren’t right.  Once you do notice them they are certain to make your skin crawl.  They are also shot with a dim filter, which makes you squint your eyes for a better view as you uncomfortably scoot closer to your screen to try and comprehend what you’re watching.  Well played, Ichi.

While we don’t know much about this nameless video game, the atmosphere created by the game designers has certainly captured our interest, and iHorror will be there to bring you the story once it breaks!