NIN’s ‘Closer’ Mixed With The ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme is Spooky Good

Trey Hilburn IIINewsLeave a Comment

You, like myself are probably preparing your Halloween playlist for the long night of trick or treating or other types of holiday shenanigans. Well, this might be one you want to add to that list, you guys. William Maranci gifted us with a very special NIN offering just in time to add to our already eclectic playlist.

The Maranci undertaking combines Nine Inch Nails Closer with Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters Theme. It actually pulls it off really well. Combing both beats and lyrics to ultimately make a slime glopola music monster that may be the reason you never hear either song the same way ever again.

I’m seriously curious what Trent Reznor thinks about this one? The aptly named ‘Closebusters’ is a lot of silly fun and one that both Ghostbusters and NIN fans should totally give a chance.

What do you guys think? Into the mashup? Let us know in the comments section.

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