The 2nd golden age of Stephen King adaptations is upon us. Between Stranger Things and upcoming titles like The Dark Tower and IT, King adaptations are hot stuff. King adaptations haven’t been this big since the 90’s and we here at iHorror hope it continues. There have already been many adaptations of King’s work with varying degrees of quality and entertainment value. King has 54 published novels and over 200 short stories so there are plenty of stories to adapt. Lets be honest though, King adaptations have never really stopped. Between feature films, miniseries, and TV shows there really hasn’t been a time in the last thirty years where King’s name wasn’t stamped on a production. But his work is getting high attention right now and that why we got together and put together Nine Stephen King Adaptations That Need to Happen. We also went ahead and picked our top choice for making that dream a reality.


Eyes of the Dragon

A Guillermo Del Toro Film

When Del Toro was originally attached to the Hobbit movies it seemed like a perfect fit for him. Eventually he dropped from the director’s chair for those films and it left a whole in my heart on Del Toro’s take on a fantasy world. Between Pan’s Labyrinth and The Strain, Del Toro has proven that he has an eye for fantasy, but what he needs is a fantastical dark medieval tale. Enter Eyes of the Dragon, King’s dark fantasy set in medieval times. Guillermo Del Toro’s attention to world building and dark story line would be perfect for this adaptation.


The Dark Half

A David Robert Mitchell Film

While George A. Romero’s Adaptation of The Dark Half has its moments, the film was low in budget and lost the rest of it towards the end of shooting. The main issues with that film is that the lost of budget is very evident in the film. But the story of an author’s Dark Half coming to life with a decent budget (that sticks for the whole production) and being helmed by David Robert Mitchell would make for great horror cinema. Mitchell proved his horror chops with 2014’s It Follows and would be the perfect candidate for King’s story of an author being stalked by his Dark Half.



A film by Adam Wingard

I know what you are thinking “Didn’t a Cell movie just come out?” Yes it did and it wasn’t good. That is not to say the book was a masterpiece, it really isn’t. But in the right hands a film adaptation of Cell could have been a fun B-movie with some great imagery and blood. I know many were excited to see Eli Roth tackle the material, but I think Adam Wingard would have hit the right notes of bloody cheese and high tension need to make this into a B-movie masterpiece. A quick glance at his growing filmography proves this between his entries in the VHS and ABCs of Death series to The Guest and You’re Next. Wingard would have made this movie into a post-911 Invasion of the Body Snatchers instead of the generic zombie flick that was plopped on our laps earlier this year.


Dreamcatcher and The Stand Miniseries

 Series Created By Frank Darabont

Miniseries of Stephen King novels are almost a must. The Stand was already adapted in the 90’s and remains a pretty decent time capsule of the time. While Dreamcatcher had a hack adaptation in 2003 that tried too hard to be The Thing. So why not have a service like HBO or Netflix that are known for their high quality adult series go ahead with new adaptations of these fantastic stories. Who would be better to do King epic than the man who has already done a few of the best King adaptation: Frank Darbont. Between his adaptations of The Shawshank RedemptionThe Mist, and the first season and half of The Walking Dead, Darabont would be the perfect choice to adapt these epics as miniseries.