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Nightmares Film Festival Releases Full Schedule for 2018

by Waylon Jordan

Nightmares Film Festival has released their full schedule of films for this year’s festival in Columbus, Ohio, and if possible, it might even be better than last year’s fest!

NFF has been dedicated to #BetterHorror from the beginning, and they continue to search for films that are both terrifying and relevant.

“We’re on a never-ending, worldwide quest to discover the films that are reshaping the boundaries of horror — bold voices, new visions of terror, films that haunt you,” said co-founder and programmer Jason Tostevin. “That’s how we build every Nightmares, and this may be our best lineup yet.”

The slate is stacked with both World and North American Premieres, and a host of amazing short films broken into blocks throughout the weekend. Look for the Recurring Nightmares which will feature festival alums and fan favorite Midnight Mind Fuck on the full schedule below!

In addition to the schedule, Nightmares co-founders Jason Tostevin and Chris Hamel also revealed the finalists in both of their screenplay competitions for the weekend and a panel which will cover Distribution as well as the return of last year’s successful Social Progress Through Horror panel.

Nightmares Film Festival will run October 18-21, 2018 at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio! There are still advance tickets available online!

Nightmares Film Festival Full Schedule

Thursday, October 18, 2018

7 pm (House 1): Maniac 4K Restoration with Filmmaker Bill Lustig in Attendance w/ short film Marta

9 pm (House 1): World Premiere Skeletons in the Closet w/ short film The Party’s Over

11 pm (House 1): Horror Comedy Shorts (Amigos, Netflix and Chill, Attack of Potato Clock, Foxwood, Rattle, Bitten, Heavy Flow, Sell Your Body, The Infection, Blood Sisters, Shit … They’re All Vampires, Late, There’s One Inside the House)

Friday, October 19, 2018

9 am (House 1): Clementina w/ short film A Thing of Dreams

11 am (House 1): Alive w/ short film Mother of a Sacred Lamb

1 pm (House 1): World Premiere Haven’s End

3 pm Break for Filmmaker/Screenwriter Meet and Greet

4 pm (House 1): World Premiere Kill Ben Lyk w/ short film What Metal Girls

4 pm (House 2): Recurring Nightmares A (Killing Giggles, The Unbearing, Let’s Play, Amy’s in the Freezer, One Hundred Thousand, Anniversary, Apartment 402, Enough, E-Bowla, Vampiras Satanicas II: The Death Bunny, 42 Counts)

6 pm (House 1): North American Premiere Book of Monsters w/ short film Dual

6 pm (House 2): Horror Shorts A (Ayuda, Bathroom Troll, Don’t Drink the Water, The After Party, Masks, Here There Be Monsters, Don’t Look Into Their Eyes, Heartless, El Cuco is Hungry)

8 pm (House 1): World Premiere The Bad Man

8 pm (House 2): Thriller Shorts A (4EVR, Nocturne, The Noise of the Light, Short Leash, Instinct, Where’s Violet, Tutu Grande)

10 pm (House 1): The FP 2: Beats of Rage

10 pm (House 2): Horror Shorts B (Little, Save, Childer, Conductor, All You Can Carry, Made You Look, The Desolation Prize, Doggy See Evil, Spectres, Goodbye Old Friend, There’s a Monster Behind You, Blondie)

Midnight (House 1): Be My Cat w/ short films My First Time and Canine

Midnight (House 2): Midnight Shorts C (Tears of Apollo, Nightmare, The Mare, Mother Rabbit, Lipstick, Human Resources, Blood and Moonlight, Suicide Note, Enjoy the View, Freelancer)

Saturday, October 20, 2018

10 am (House 1): Confessions of a Serial Killer

10 am (House 2): More Blood! w/ short films Best of Me and Phototaxis

12 pm (House 1): North American Premiere The Head w/ short film Latched

12 pm (House 2): Social Progress Through Horror Panel

1 pm (House 2): Distribution Panel

2 pm (House 1): Livescream w/ short film Offerings (featuring live music!)

2 pm (House 2): Recurring Nightmares B (Galmi, Syphvania Grove, Rites of Vengeance, The Scarlet Vultures, Music Lesson, Thousand-Legged Terror, BFF Girls, Gut Punched, Basoan)

4 pm (House 1): Never Hike Alone

4 pm (House 2): Stephen King’s Dollar Babies (I am the Doorway and The Things We Left Behind)

5:15 pm (House 1) NIGHTMARE AWARDS

6 pm (House 1): Midwest Premiere The Field Guide to Evil

6 pm (House 2): Horror Shorts C (Ding Dong, Oscar’s Bell, Red Mosquito, Goodnight Gracie, Baghead, Wyrmwood, Avulsion, House Guests, The Last Seance, Three)

8 pm (House 1): North American Premiere The Night Sitter w/ short film Jingle Hell

8 pm (House 2): Thriller Shorts B (Lady Hunters, Smiley’s, Headless Swans, A Death Story Called Girl, Dead Cool, You’ll Only Have Each Other)

10 pm (House 1): World Premiere The Final Interview w/ short film Arret Pipi

10 pm (House 2): Horror Shorts D (The Bloody Ballad of Squirt, The Chains, One Dark Night, Fears, Midnight Delivery, I Beat It, Mama’s Boy, Alien Death Fuck, Hell of a Day, Vonnis, The Dark Ward, Mystery Box)

Midnight (House 1): Midnight Mind Fuck Trauma

Midnight (House 2): Midnight Shorts B (Imagine, Fetish, The Jerry Show, Proceeds of Crime, Television, Mother Fucker, Ding-Dong, Night Terrors, The Thang, Rift, Häxan)

2 am (House 1): Midnight Mind Fuck La Puta es Ciega w/ short films Entropia and Helminth

2 am (House 2): Midnight Shorts A (CLAW, Mayday, The Hex Dungeon, I Am Not a Monster, Gentlewoman’s Guide to Dom., Blood Highway, Sock Monster, The Monster Within, Viral Blood, No Monkey)

10 am (House 1): Thriller Shorts C (The Box, Salvatore, Witch’s Milk, Post Mortem Mary, Spurn, Esther, They Eat Your Teeth They Wait for Us)

12 pm (House 1): Camp Death III in 2D w/ short film Cabin Killer

2 pm (House 1): The LaPlace’s Demon

4 pm (House 1): Ohio Shorts A (The Borrower, Below the Trees, The Sewing Circle, The Choice, What Comes Out, Beyond Repair, Occupied, Hell to Pay, Who’s There)

6 pm (House 1): Dark Iris w/ short film American Undead

8 pm (House 1): Ohio Shorts B (Down the Hatchet, The Green Lady, Not From Around Here, Den, The Cat, House of Hell, Dodo, Cry Baby Bridge)

10 pm (House 1): Betsy w/ short film Thing About Beecher’s

Short Screenplay Finalists: 

  • Boo – Rakefet Abergel
  • Mourning Meal – Jamal Hodge
  • Hiking Buddies – Megan Morrison
  • Living Memory – Stephen Graves
  • #dead – Derek Stewart
  • The Burning Dress – Sam Kolesnik
  • For Good Behavior – Ron Riekki
  • Air – Dalya Guerin
  • Invidia – Vanessa Wright
  • Minotaur – Michael Escobedo
  • Pancake Skank –  Savannah Rodgers
  • The Callback – Sophie Hood
  • The Farm – Cate McLennan

Feature Screenplay Finalists

  • Patience of Vultures – Greg Sisco
  • People of Merrit – Adam Pottle
  • The Shame Game – Greg Sisco
  • Rise of the Gulon – Matt Wildash
  • Left Of The Devil – Stephen Anderson
  • Bartleby Grimm’s Paranormal Elimination Service – Dan Kiely
  • Kelipot – Seth Nesenholtz
  • The Coldest Horizon – Jeffrey Howe
  • Throwback – Rachel Woolley
  • Resurrection Girl and the Curse of the Wendigo – Nathan Ludwig
  • The Caul – Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein
  • The Devil’s Gun – James Christopher
  • Residual – Tyler Christensen

Don’t forget iHorror will be at this year Nightmares Film Festival! We hope to see you there!

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