'Night of the Living Dead' (1968) - Living Dead Media

The rotting corpse of a script penned over four decades ago for a sequel to Night of the Living Dead (1968) is being resurrected from beyond the grave by the original team! The screenplay was reportedly created back in the 70’s following the success of George A. Romero’s horror classic, and has remained buried ever since. It seems the film will finally see the light of day according to Living Dead Media.

Living Dead Media told Bloody Disgusting:

“Unknown to most is that in the 1970’s, the original writers and producers of Night of the Living Dead penned a sequel to their masterpiece. A sequel that inexplicably has gone unproduced for over forty years – until now. Living Dead Media has brushed away the dirt from this amazing follow up to a classic and brought together a great team to produce the new film.”

Details are currently being played close to the chest. There is no word yet on a director, cast, or plot. However, we won’t have to late much longer for the dead to rise again. The long-forgotten Night of the Living Dead sequel is planned to release in 2019!

A half century later, the impact of Night of the Living Dead can be felt now more than ever in pop culture. The Walking Dead just reached a major turning point after running for 9 seasons strong, David Fincher’s World War Z 2 is set to start filming next year, Netflix has been throwing its hat in the ring with films like Cargo and Train to Busan (The latter is primed to receive a U.S. remake and a sequel to the original).

With all the undead taking over our screens, can a Night of the Living Dead sequel revitalize the franchise, and standout from the hoard? Stay tuned for more details as we hear them!