"Night of the Creeps" (1986)

There was hopeful news on the horizon for Night of the Creeps fans, it was reported that director Fred Dekker had shown interest in making a sequel according to Arrow in the Head genre pub. Sadly, a lot can happen in two days.

Writer Mike Sprague said he got to sit down with legendary actor Tom Atkins and he revealed that Dekker, who helmed the original, wasn’t letting the idea of Night of the Creeps 2 slither away. What’s more, he wanted to bring back everyone from the first one.

“I would like to see Detective Ray Cameron become resurrected somehow. And Fred Dekker and I, every time we see each other, we talk about that. And he’s determined to do a sequel with the three kids and myself,” Atkins told Sprague. “I mean they’re no longer kids, they’re all in their 50’s, but they’re all still kicking and healthy and looking good. I would love to do that again. I love Detective Ray Cameron.”

But in a Facebook post from Dekker, he quickly squashed ideas about Creeps 2 and brought us all back down to earth after the report came out.

“I’ve spent the better part of my day responding to friends and fans who’ve sent this [Night of the Creeps 2] to me, so let me clarify for the record… IT’S NOT TRUE,” he wrote.

“An off-hand comment by Tom Atkins was deliberately misconstrued for the purposes of click-bait. Sorry to everyone who got their hopes up.”

Night of the Creeps was an 80s sleeper that became a cult classic almost overnight. In the movie, several college students are preparing for the formal but after an unidentified flying object sends slug-like creatures scurrying throughout the college town, the night takes on a fight for survival.

Night of the Creeps had one of the most memorable TV spots ever. In one scene, Atkins as Detective Cameron turns to all the sorority sisters, cigarette clenched between his teeth and says: “The good news is your dates are here…the bad news is they’re dead.”

The script was written by Dekker who already has a few cult classics under his belt: Robocop 3 and The Monster Squad. He also directed a short in HBO’s Tales From the Crypt anthology titled The Thing From the Grave.

In 2006, James Gunn gave us an homage to Night of the Creeps with Slither, so maybe there’s still hope for fans of the parasitic if Gunn decides to re-visit that. But for now, Dekker isn’t biting to make a sequel to his film.

*This article was updated to convey Dekker’s FB comments.