‘Night of the Comet’ is 34 Years Old Today

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No one knew quite what to make of Night of the Comet when it hit the big screen in 1984. It was one of the wildest, craziest zombie films audiences had ever seen, and while Return of the Living Dead might have usurped that title the following year, the film still found its own cult following in the decades to come.

Written and directed by Thom Eberhardt (Without a Clue), the film told the story of Regina Belmont (Catherine Mary Stewart) and her little sister Samantha (Kelli Maroney), who wake to find that most of the rest of the world has either been vaporized or turned to zombies after the Earth passed through the tail of a comet.

Soon the sisters and a truck driver named Hector (Robert Beltran) find themselves in a fight for their lives against zombies and a group of evil scientists.

I mean, what’s not to love here?!

Yes, it was predictable–you could see that ending coming from a mile away. Yes, they make a ridiculously unnecessary trip to the mall. And yes, it was a B-movie, but it was a visually interesting B-movie with a fun, rocking 80s soundtrack and a terrific sense of humor!

Night of the Comet is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime as well as a glorious Blu Ray edition, and it’s a perfect popcorn movie for a Friday night on the couch.

Check out the trailer below!

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