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‘Night of the Living Dead’ Is Getting a 4K Restoration

by Mike Joyce
Night of the Living Dead

Naturally, “Night of the Living Dead” is essential viewing this time of year, especially since we’ve recently lost the amazing George Romero. Soon, zombie fans will be able to enjoy this masterpiece in glorious 4K!

The 1968 classic, shot outside of Pittsburgh on a shoestring budget, has always had a gritty quality to it. The picture never looked particularly great, but that just added to its charm and down-to-earth quality. Hell, I caught this movie on PBS as a little kid and I thought it was some kind of weird documentary. You could say that messed me up a bit. That being said, if ever a film deserved the 4K treatment, this would be it.

The Museum of Modern Art and The Film Foundation have restored the film using original negatives. FACT Magazine reports Romero himself called it, “closer than anything we’ve seen to the definitive version of the film.” This new version was shown theatrically at MoMA last fall, but it has yet to screened elsewhere. What about the rest of us who want to see “Night of the Living Dead” in gorgeous, crystal-clear 4K?

Night of the Living Dead

Sean Phillips

You’re in luck! Recently, Janus Films has acquired the rights for a theatrical release. It just screened at Beyond Fest in Los Angeles, and it’ll be screening throughout the US and Canada between now and mid-January. You can see the full listing of dates and cities on the Janus Films website. Make sure to catch it when it comes through your area!

For collectors, there’s reason to believe you’ll be able to get your hands on your own 4K copy. Janus has a good relationship with the Criterion Collection, and it’s likely that they’ll be putting out a new Blu-Ray release. Stay tuned for updates!

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