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Coming off of the heels of his last horror movie, Dead 7, former Backstreet Boy member Nick Carter is changing gears for his next movie in the horror world.  In 2016 the heartthrob of the 90’s made his writing debut in the dark genre with the western zombie flick, Dead 7, directed by Danny Roew.  Dipping his big toe into the murky waters of the horror genre, Carter rounded up his old boy band buddies to collaborate with him by filling up the cast.  While the revival of the long dead boy band members generated more of a buzz than the movie itself, this isn’t keeping Carter down as he reunites with Roew for his next project.

We know very little about his next movie.  What we do know is this new horror movie will not focus on the reanimated corpses of lip synchers, instead it will be focusing on the slasher genre.  Teenagers, drinking, screaming, premarital sex, sounds like an easier road to take, and oddly like a concert from his past… yet I digress.

Arriving at the Walker Stalker convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Carter told that he had been recently binging on horror movies to get into the Halloween spirit, specifically the Friday the 13th series.  At least the blonde hair blue eyed angel of the stage has taste.  Upon his feasting on all things Voorhees that is when this idea hit him… Oh boy…

The former boy band member explained to

(It’s) ironic, that I’m that blonde boy from the Backstreet Boys, in a boy band, that I have a very dark side to me and I cannot get away from horror. I’ve always wanted to do a slasher movie … and you come to these events, and when you see The Walking Dead or these things, it’s all character-driven. It’s about finding a character that people will remember in the time to come, and so right now I’ve got a really cool concept and a cool story. Now I’m going to start to draw the characters out, and I’m going to start to prepare. It’s going to be multiple characters in a movie (with) a little bit of comedy and a lot of horror.””

Ironic or not that Carter has layers that don’t cater to the image he struggled to uphold for years in the media’s eye, we at iHorror are very interested at how dark this boy band member turned horror writer can get.  We will be bringing you more news on it as it breaks!