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Love it or hate it, last year’s revenge thriller Mandy was, for a moment, the movie that everyone was talking about, and the film’s producer SpectreVision is hoping for gold again as it re-teams with the film’s co-star to tackle the H.P. Lovecraft classsic novella Color Out of Space.

Lovecraft’s tale centers on a family who moves to New England to escape the pressures of city life. In the midst of adjusting to country life, the family is stunned when a small meteorite crashes into their front yard and dissolves into the ground.

A strange, alien color and light enters their lives, and they realize, far too late, that whatever secrets the meteorite carried with it has seeped into the ground, slowly mutating everything it touches. Plants, animals, and the family themselves will all be changed.

It’s a terrifying story that only Lovecraft could create, and perhaps only the psychedelic visionaries at SpectreVision can bring to life.

According to Deadline, South African filmmaker Richard Stanley is attached to direct which seems a perfect fit. Though his work has been sporadic, Stanley’s work has always included levels of the occult and the otherwordly in his work.

color out of space coming soon
Richard Stanley’s The Dust Devil showcased his love of color-saturated landscapes much like we saw in Mandy.

In 1992’s The Dust Devil, for example, it was a desert-dwelling shapeshifter in search of a new life to steal, and in Hardware a cyborg head builds itself a new body and terrorizes the wife of a “space marine.” Both films have their own small cult followings.

Stanley has also written the screenplay for Color Out of Space.

Tommy Chong, Joely Richardson, Q’orianka Kilcher, and Elliot Knight have also been attached to star in the project.

With this particular cast of creatives involved, it seems a sure bet that love it or hate it, Color Out of Space is sure to be a terrifying spectacle to behold.

No details are available as far as production schedules and release dates are concerned, but iHorror will keep you posted on all the details as they become available.

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