Like nearly every horror movie that made a mark in the 80s, Poltergeist has found itself on the Hollywood remake chopping block, with the reboot set for release on February 13th of next year. Production recently wrapped on the film, and star Jared Harris (The Quiet Ones) has just revealed the surprising news that it will make its way into theaters in three dimensions.

In a video interview with the YouTube channel Beyond the Trailer, Harris was talking about the differences between American and British horror, saying that the main difference is the bigger budgets available to the former. “Poltergeist is in 3D,” he nonchalantly said, backing up his point that American horror films tend to have more money to play around with.

In the remake, Harris will be playing a character named Carrigan, who is the host of a TV show called Haunted House Cleaners. Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt also star in the Sam Raimi-produced film, which centers on the Bowen family, whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits.

From what we’ve heard, the home they move into will be the same home that the Freeling family was driven out of in the original, making this both a reboot and a sequel. Learn all about the film, and find out what you can expect from it, by reading our rundown of everything you need to know about the Poltergeist remake!