Newly Bred Werewolf Cats Look Exactly Like You’d Think They Would

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I think it’s safe to say that nobody reading this right now would ever wish to have a werewolf as a pet. For one, they have a taste for human flesh, and are pretty much guaranteed to attack more than the mailman and home intruders. And secondly, there’s that whole pesky thing about them turning into human beings, which could get just a little bit awkward.

But what about a werewolf that didn’t ever turn human, couldn’t hurt you with its bite and was the size of a cat? Well, that’d be pretty damn cute, now wouldn’t it?

Meet the Lykoi, an adorable new breed of cat that essentially allows you to have a werewolf as a pet. Lykoi is a Greek word that means wolf, and these so-called Werewolf Cats look a whole lot like the werewolves we’re used to seeing in films like An American Werewolf in London, with similar body and facial hair patterns. In fact, these little guys are pretty much mini-me versions of the mid-transformation Kessler wolf from the aforementioned film, as you can see in the handy comparison photo above.

The werewolf cats are a natural mutation from the domestic shorthair, which a group of breeders developed. They say the unique cats have no medical problems, and the werewolf-like patchiness on their bodies is due to some of their hair follicles lacking the necessary components required to create hair. In 2012, the werewolf cats officially became a recognized breed by The International Cat Association.

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Werewolf cat

werewolf cat

lykoi cat

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