Halloween 2018

Newest Trailer for ‘Halloween’ Chronicles the Events of 1978

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Serial killers often receive their own documentaries to chronicle their atrocities unleashed upon both their victims (and society). All the while condemned, they are immortalized by mediums of retrospective and introspective film, highlighting these deviances within the human condition, setting them apart not only as societal outliers, but monsters. Walking among us, they may not reside under our beds, but they lurk across the street or even in our very homes, these ethereal boogeymen that can surface at anytime and anyplace. For Laurie Strode and the British documentary crew interviewing her (during their visit with Michael, the boogeyman is not only in her home, but much-much closer than they prefer. To celebrate Michael’s upcoming killing spree in the newest Halloween, Universal Pictures has released a new trailer styled and edited as a crime documentary.


Image via Universal Pictures YouTube

This trailer adds another level of terror in addition to what John Carpenter has already shown us in previous trailers. Chronicling the events of the infamous nights in 1963 and 1978, the new trailer plays out as a haunting documentary. The British documentary crew tries to prod at Laurie about her insight to the motives as to why Michael murdered Annie, Bob, and Lynda in his malicious endeavor to slaughter her. In earnest, Laurie asks the interviewer if he truly doesn’t believe in the boogeyman, and with a curt “No” we are given a glimpse into how a bus crash will lead into one hell of a Halloween.

Halloween 2018

Image Via Universal Pictures YouTube

Music composer and executive producer John Carpenter makes his return to the Halloween series with his “true” sequel to the 1978 horror classic. A Blumhouse production, Halloween is written, produced, and directed by David Gordon Green (Joe and George Washington), accompanied by producers Jason Blum and Danny McBride.

We are a mere 4 weeks away from the release of Halloween. With the weather cooling down and the leaves transitioning into their Fall colors, traveling becomes much more enticing for the sights and spirit of the Halloween season. What better way to bring in the Fall season than with the Halloween 40th Anniversary Convention, which you can get details on dates and the location here! If you are overwhelmed with excitement and have to know if the new Halloween will live up to the 40 year hype, you can read our take on it with the  review from this year’s TIFF screening.

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