Warner Bros. has acquired a writer for the upcoming Twilight Zone film, Variety has reported.

Christine Lavaf, whose resume includes mainly Television shows such as Fringe and Falling Skies, will serve as the screenwriter for the film. Leonardo DiCaprio is set to produce. This new feature-film adaption of The Twilight Zone has been gaining slow momentum since as far back as 2009 – nearly ten years ago. Joseph Kosinski is currently set to direct the film. Kosinski made his film debut with Tron: Legacy in 2010.

Unlike the Steven Spielberg-produced anthology film from 1983, the new movie will be focusing on a single storyline. The most recent incarnation of the series was in 2003 and aired on UPN. Believe it or not, Forest Whitaker took the place of Rod Sterling as host. You can watch the intro to the series below. Unsurprisingly, it was canceled shortly into the series’ run.

On top of the movie, there is also an interactive TV series being planned. Should fans expect a full-on revival of Twilight Zone mania? If all goes well, I would say yes.

Yet, based on the show’s track record of reviving itself, I wouldn’t get too excited yet. Though I’m hopeful, the past has proved that it’s not very easy to follow in Sterling’s legendary footsteps. For right now, all I can say is “let’s just wait and see.” Until then…reruns for all!