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New YouTube Series ‘Safer At Home’

by Ryan T. Cusick

We here at iHorror are always trying to find great content for you to watch, especially now with the stay at home orders and the pandemic that is now sharing our world. This new series is perfect for viewing during the uncertainty that has become the new norm (hopefully temporary). Safer-at-Home, a new original horror web series by the Installments, and written by Michael Coulombe, and is now available on YouTube. You will not want to miss it! And it is free! 

It is evident that these episodes have fantastic production value, and the writing is on point, and I love the buildup during each installment. The running length is perfect, and they don’t drag out, you won’t be glancing at your phone or watch to see how much time has passed, that is for sure! 


The world is plagued by a virus, but Jacob, Melissa, and Shannon are plagued by something far worse.

Safer-At-Home was created by Michael Coulombe, Alex Henderson, Adam Cabrera, Harold White, and Katelyn Chunn. The series stars Adam Cabrera, Nicoletta Hanssen, Jenny Nwene, and Darnell Maurice Williams.

The episodes are available on The Installments YouTube Channel. Also, you can check out The Installments Facebook Page.

Episode 1 – Big Bertha & Idris

Episode 2 – The Calm Before the Storm

Episode 3 – It’s a Warzone in Here


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