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New York City Officials Ponder Impact of Real-Life Godzilla Attack

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In what is without question the most anticipated cinematic event of 2014, Godzilla stomps his way back into theaters this coming weekend, and we can be pretty damn sure that he’s going to leave a massive path of destruction in his wake – as he always does.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if a giant monster like Godzilla leapt off the big screen, and actually rampaged through a city here in the real world? Would we be able to handle such a catastrophic invasion, or would Godzilla’s arrival spell the end of civilization as we know it?

As reported by The Daily News, the impending release of the film has led New York City officials to ponder a real-life Godzilla attack, and they’ve confidently gone on record as saying that the city would not be destroyed, if a mega-sized killer Kaiju indeed did come to town. Superstorms and terrorist attacks didn’t take us down, they say, and Godzilla wouldn’t either.

The first course of action in the event of a Godzilla attack would be to evacuate the city, and the officials remind us that advanced post-9/11 evacuation protocols have left New York better equipped to deal with disasters of all sorts than the state ever has been in the past. The Notify NYC system sends mass text alerts to hundreds of thousands of residents all at once, leading Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Bruno to believe that it would be pretty easy to get the majority of the city’s people out of harm’s way, before Godzilla stepped on them and/or gobbled them up.

In the event of a Godzilla attack, we’d be looking at area evacuations,” says Bruno. “He’s a big guy, but he’s not going to overtake the entire city, so we would try to determine what sectors of the city had to be moved.”

Okay, so we can get people out of the areas that Godzilla is attacking, but what about actually fighting off a 350-foot-tall fire-breathing lizard, and bringing about an end to his reign of building-destroying terror? Well, that’s the hard part.

I don’t think the Air Force could take Godzilla, and I don’t even think the Army or anybody in the world could take him,” an Army Reserves pilot recently stated, though Bruno feels otherwise. While he doesn’t doubt that the King of the Monsters would destroy bridges and tunnels, leave the city littered with debris and covered in flames, and cause a whole lot of casualties, Bruno says that these are all things the city has dealt with in the past, and he’s confident that Godzilla would rue the day he ever decided to turn New York City into his personal playground.

Gotta admire the confidence, but I find it hard to believe that us humans would ever be able to put up a fight against Godzilla. Sure, we could run, and we could hide, but if a real-life Godzilla ever struck, let’s just say I’d have little hope for the future of our kind.

What do you think? Could we survive a Godzilla attack, or would we all be doomed? Comment below with your two cents!

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