Last summer, the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ became the internet’s biggest viral sensation, and pretty much everyone you’re friends with on Facebook took part in the fun. But this summer’s viral challenge is a bit more sinister than dumping cold water onto your head.

As of this past weekend, the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ has begun sweeping the internet, and it’s encouraging teens to summon an ancient Mexican demon. Does that sound like a bad idea to you? Because it sounds like the start of a horror movie to us.

Charlie Charlie Challenge

The internet’s very own version of urban legends like Bloody Mary, the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ dares teens to create their own makeshift Ouija boards, with the words ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ written on a piece of paper. Players then form a cross with two pencils, and ask Charlie if he’s present.

Nobody appears to know who this Charlie character is, but we can assume he’s some dead guy who probably didn’t ask to become the subject of a viral internet challenge. And we can’t say we blame him, because being summoned by annoying teens is pretty much a fate worse than Hell.

Check out a compilation of ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ reaction videos below, and if you do try to contact this mysterious Mexican demon, be sure to let him know when you no longer wish to play with him. Allegedly, not telling him when the game is over could open up a portal to the other side.

Which could, let’s be honest, be a whole lot of fun.

[youtube id=”7pTr4ftZLvY”]